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Left: Jan 2014 / Right: April 2014

This is my first progress picture and omg I can’t believe how far I’ve come !
I haven’t stepped on a scale for about a month and I look forward to weighing myself this week.

When 2014 begun, I progressively quit eating crap, starting working out and then started yoga, meditation, became vegetarian then vegan and more importantly, I started loving and forgiving myself.

My past included eating disorders, depression, self harm, self hate, isolation, mourn, despair and lots of meaningless promises.

My present and future is all about being alive and enjoying every part of it an pushing myself.

I still have a lot more to do and accomplish but this motivates me so much. Just being able to post those pictures is such a huge victory.

#this is my year


If you’re tired of protein shakes like me, here’s a great way to switch things up!










Starting weight - 329lbs

Current weight - 199lbs

Hey everybody!  My name is Carl and I’ve lost a few pounds since April, 2012.  I’ve been overweight my entire life and I started to realize I wasn’t living my life to the fullest, so I changed.  

From walking around the block, to becoming a full marathon finisher.. this journey has been amazing.  I’ve started checking things off my bucket list (skydiving!) and have managed to maintain the weight loss for over a year now.  I’m in school to be a personal trainer as well so I can pass my knowledge onto the people who feel like it’s impossible to lose weight.  It’s not only become a “thing I did” but has completely consumed my life and I love it!

If there is a few things I want to share with people about weight loss is this: It’s 100% mental.  Everything holding you back is in your head, once you make up your mind to lose the weight it will happen.  Believe in yourself!  Also, weight loss is one choice at a time.. simple as that.  We make dozens of choices a day, all the “small” choices we have make the difference.  The more healthy choices you make, the healthier your body will become.  Lastly, there is no finish line to living a healthy lifestyle.  Just because you reach your goal weight doesn’t mean you’re done, it means you’re now onto the rest of your life of maintenance and healthy choices.

Life is meant to be lived, so go live!  I know it seems impossible but it’s not!  Believe in yourself and take a chance, it will be 100% worth it.  

I’m submitting this from my personal blog, but I recently started a health and fitness blog.  If you have any questions/comments please feel free to ask, I love talking anything fitness!

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